Issue 5 and Volume 19.

CORRESPONDENCE A FIRST CLASS FIRE. RISK. To the EDITOR: The water works recently built at Windham, N. Y., are said to be one of the finest plants in the State for so small a place. Water is obtained from a never failing spring, giving many times more water than can be used by the present population. The reservoir is less than one-fifth of a mile from the village, and holds 120,000 gallons. It has an elevation of 170 feet and is inclosed and covered. There are 13 hydrants, averaging about 31×1 feel apart, which will give most excellent fire protection An election was recently held and live water commissioners elected. These are now conferring with dealers with a view to procuring new hose, hose carriage, etc., for which money will be appropriated. I understand there will also lie a volunteer fire department. I will be glad to give you any…

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