Issue 5 and Volume 19.

THE READING, PA , WATER SUPPLY. [Continued from last week.] ALL the water pumped from the Maidencreek is elevated to the top of the aeration chamber, near the northeast corner of the Hampden reservoir. The height of the inlet-pipe above the water level of the reservoir is 7 feet. The chamber proper is 90 feet long and is divided into five platforms, each platform having a fall of 2 1-2 inches in 18 feet, then a vertical drop of 4 inches to the platform next below it. Distributed throughout the chambers are rough granite rocks about 9 inches along the flow of water, 6 inches ss, ami 10 inches high, projecting above the platforms. These projecting rocks are spaced 2 feet r tor across, and staggered so that the rocks projected across the platform would appear 10 inches c to r. The width of the chamber is 5 feet. The…

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