Issue 8 and Volume 19.

FIRE NEWS On February 12, a fearful fire raged in Guiaquil, Ecuador. It broke out at 10 o’clock a. m., and was first discovered in the convent anjoining the magnificent cathedral of St. Augustine, to which it immediately spread. Each building was at once burned to the ground, and from them the flames spread to the surrounding property. Block after block was consumed, in spite of the efforts of the city and suburban fire brigades and those of the surrounding towns, who were all summoned by telegraph. Battalions of guards were dispatched to aid the firemen; but it was only after a desperate fight that the whole city was saved from total destruction. There was considerable loss of life including five firemen, and hundreds of families have been rendered homeless. The fire-waste amounts to at least $4,000,000, and includes besides the cathedral and convent nearly 140 houses. It is thought…

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