Issue 8 and Volume 19.

SEWERAGE The poison of contagious diseases has been known to remain in sewers from twelve to fourteen years and then induce the malady in persons exposed to it. At St. Paul, Minn., little was done by the sewer department during 1895. A mile and half of new sewers were built, and these in the outlying districts, where residences are sufficiently numerous to warrant the expense. The total cost of these improvements foots up about $8,000. The total mileage of the city is 148. The Richmond district sewer in San Francisco is 3,534 feet long, built of brick, 6 feet across in the clear, and capable of draining 1,500 acres of land, or the entire Richmond district which empties into it. Its total cost was $89,384.20. It empties 125 feet into the bay, 3 feet below low tide, through two iron pipes, each 3 feet in diameter, imbedded in solid concrete…

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