Issue 8 and Volume 19.

HOW FIRES START. SPONTANEOUS combustion, so-called, is one solution of the question. What that means or how correct the term is, need not be entered upon here. The question is, How do fires start in many of our apartment and private houses, hotels, and stores, where the utmost care is taken to guard against this so-called spontaneous combustion, where are no heaps of oily rags or waste, no matter likely to evolve heat in the process of drying (like hay, for instance), nor anything else apparently likely to generate fire is left carelessly heaped up near the Iroiier or furnace or in some unperccived corner of a dark cellar? Two causes for tire of this puzzling description certainly are now very much in evidence—steam heat and electric wires. Up to within quite a short time ago the former was thought to be as nearly as possible absolutely free from danger,…

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