Issue 9 and Volume 19.

RECENT PATENTS. Filter, Wm. Rainton and R. Campbell. Liverpool, England.-It consists of a filtering chamber formed of perforated corrugated sections secured together and forming collectively the outer wall of said filtering chamber. Water filter, J. Retter, St. Louis, Mo.-It is a tank containing a filtering medium and having a discharge pipe, a drain pipe, and a valve device for simultaneously opening said discharge and drain pipes. Filler & Cleaner, W. B. Lindsay, Steubenville, Ohio- Specially adapted for use on house spigots to filter the drinkng water. Filtering Apparatus, R. W. Jacob, St. Louis, Mo, Fire Proof Construction, A, R. Fordyce, Newark, N. J. Fire & Burglar Alarm, R. L. Levin, Menominee, Mich. Hydrant, Atkinson & West, Auburn, Ky.-It consists of the discharge nozzle, a cap detachably fitted thereon by a bayonet-joint, and a spring-pressed follower arranged within said cap and operating to cast off the cap when the latter is…

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