Issue 9 and Volume 19.

SEWERAGE There is considerable opposition towards the construction of a sewerage system at Morristown, N. J. Before the State senate committee on municipal corporations Dr. Barker argued that the present system of cesspools was preferable to the proposed sewers. The population of Morristown is 10,500 people, and all the sewage matter is deposited in Dr. Barker’s much admired cesspools, with which the ground is literally honeycombed in some portions. In several instances the cesspools are located in the cellarsof the buildings. The expense of cleaning these amounts to a large sum each year. In another portion of the town the drainage is connected with a bri>ok and is carried through an open ditch into the Whippany river. The people of Morristown object to paying for a sewerage system. Yet the real estate men and agents claim that the present condition of Morristown and the lack of sewers deter many persons…

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