Issue 14 and Volume 19.

OUR LONDON LETTER. [Special Correspondence of FIRE AND WATER], London Office of FIRE AND WATER, March 14, 1896. LONDON WATER SUPPLY—LETTER IV. The principal resources of the Southwark and Vauxhall Company are but three, the capabilities of which it may be con venient to summarize: Hampton.—Reservoirs 3; capacity 20,000,000 gallons; another in progress to contain 50 to 60,000.000 gallons; filtration works, 40 acres, the medium being sea sand, 3 feet; Hoggin, 1 foot;fire and coarse gravel,of each 9 inches. The power is asunder: 2 single-acting beam-engines—diameter,cylinder,80 inches; pump, 24 double-action, stroke, 10 feet; gallons lifted in 24 hours, 10,000,000; 4 direct-acting compound, inverted relative engines—diameter,cylinder,32,and 52 5-8 inches;pump, 19 inches, double action, stroke, 7 feet, gallons lifted in 24 hours, 15,000,000; 2 inverted, compound, geared engines— diameter, cylinder, 17 and 32 inches; pump, 36 inches, stroke, engine 2 feet, pumps, 4 feet 2 inches; gallons lifted in 24 hours, 16,000,000;…

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