Issue 14 and Volume 19.

MIDDLEBORO, MASS., FIRE DEPARTMENT. The annual report of the Middleboro, Mass., fire department shows that its personnel consists of Chief Engineer Kingman; Assistant Engineers,Sparrow, Churbuck, Day, and Sherman; 1 hook and ladder company of 25 men; 1 chemical engine company of 15 men; one hose company of 20 men, 4 hose companies of 8 men each, and a fire police force of 15 men—112 in all, with 5 buildings used for department purposes. The fire apparatus consists of 1 hook and ladder truck with the requisite equipments; 1 No. 4 Babcock doubletank chemical engine; I hose wagon, and 4 hose reels, and 5,000 feet of hose in good condition. There are 102 hydrants all in good working order. There are 9 1-2 miles of electric fire alarm line; 19 signal boxes, I No. 2 C.amewell bell striker, 1 37-cell battery; 2 galvanometers; 1 switchboard; 2 testboards, besides I 4,495-pound bell;…

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