Issue 14 and Volume 19.

FIRE AND WATER WHILE by no means unfriendly to the idea of building the proposed New York Public Library on the Bryant Park site, we cannot advise the demolition and abandonment of the old reservoir on Forty-second street, in order to make room for the new structure. Such a course should not be adopted till after the completion of the Jerome Park reservoir, as, if it is carried out,its result will bean appreciable diminishing of the water supply of this city, as well as of the pressure both in the east side and the southern district to the Battery. The Forty-second street reservoir has a capacity of 20,000,000 gallons of water—one-tenth of the daily consumption of the city, and, owing to the small pipes in the streets and the low head of the Central Park reservoir, it helps out in the much needed matter of pressure in the east side…

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