Issue 14 and Volume 19.

MISCELLANEOUS The March Arena introduced its readers to Prof. J, Heber Smith, M. D., who for many years has held an important chair in the Boston University School of Medicine, the leading Homoeopathic Medical College in the United States. In his first paper, Dr. Smith discussed the desirability of disposing of infected bodies by Cremation. In the April Arena, this eminent educator and scholarly physician of the Back Bay district of Boston, opens a series of paper on “Man in His Re- lation to the Solar System,” as a proper subject for scientific re-examination. It is needless to say that these papers, coming from the very citadels of two of the most conservative professions arc bound to create a sensation. The temperate scientific and scholarly methods employed greatly add to the interest, while giving peculiar weight to the discussion, which indicates how deeply occultism is taking root in the most…

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