Issue 14 and Volume 19.

PAWTUCKET, R. I., RESERVOIR AND TANK HOUSE. PAWTUCKET, R. I., filtering-beds for the purification of its sewage were described in this journal (FIRE AND WATER March 14, 1896) An important improvement has been made at the sewage farm by providing the buildings (an illustration of which is given herewith) with a supply of waterfrom the pond. The former supply was entirely from wells and cisterns—a supply which has been failing in quantity as well as quality for several years. To remedy this evil and insure a wholesome and sufficient supply it was decided to erect a windmill pumping plant and storage tank. A 13-foot galvanized steel mill on a 40-foot steel tower was erected about 400 feet from the shore of the pond and connected with a forcepump set about 13 feet below the level of the ground and about on a level with the crest of the rollway outlet…

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