Issue 15 and Volume 19.

SQUARE CASE WATER METER. The new Square Case Water Meter,with new style of register of the engine-counter type, is made for 1-2-inch, 5-8-inch, or 3-4-inch pipe and has a capacity of a little over 4 cubic feet per minute under a pressure of 40 pounds per square inch, which is ample forgo per cent, of the services on most waterworks. The meter is very simple in its construction. The outer shell, which contains the working parts, is made in two halves, held together by four large bolts. Should the meter freeze, one of these halves breaks, thus relieving the inner and more expensive parts from injurious strain, a new half costing but little. The new engine-counter dial shown in the cut reads 512,174 cubic feet; but the same style dial is also made to read in U. Sgallons, Imperial gallons, or hectolitres. The great advantage of this dial is that…

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