Issue 15 and Volume 19.

MIDDLEBORO, MASS., WATER DEPARTMENT The water commissioners of Middleboro, Mass., in their annual report show receipts for water by schedule and meter rates, $10,655.94; for water by town rates for public uses, $1,500: for water by fire department, hydrants: etc.,$500; on construction account—for putting in services, sales of pipes, meters, etc., $603.74. Expenditures—on main pipe account, $1,813.60; on service pipe account,$715.41, making the whole cost (less amount received for pipe, meters, etc., $603.74) to January I, 1896, $104,390.09. One bond of $1,500 was paid during the year. Outstanding bonds to January 1, 1896, $67,500; amount in sinking fund, $2,134.31. The following statistics appear in the report: Plant owned by Middleboro fire district; source of supply, large well south of village, near Nemasket river; mode of supply, pumping to standpipe; pumping machinery, Deane & Co.’s; total pumped for year, 77 833,000 gallons, average static head against which pumps work, 180 feet;…

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