Issue 15 and Volume 19.

OUR CHICAGO LETTER. [From our Regular Correspondent.] CHICAGO, April 8, 1896. Echoes of the Columbian Exhibition are occasionally heard even now. One of the latest concerns the suit of the French government against the management of the exposition for damages incurred by the destruction of articles in the French National Exhibit by fire in January 1894. This suit involves an amount of $100,000, and will come before the Federal court within a few days. Another reminder was in the total destruction by fire late on Monday night of the Hotel Louisiana, Seventy-first street and Avenue C. The Louisiana was one of the great World’s Fair hostelries, covering two acres of ground, and was four stories high. It had been unoccupied for a long time, and the loss wilt not exceed the value of the structure as old lumber. Excitement was caused by the sending in of three alarms and two…

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