Issue 15 and Volume 19.

FIRE AND WATER The supplement of FIRE AND WATER for this week consists of further illustrations of the apparatus of the fire department of New Orleans. These supplements, like all that appear in these columns, have been greatly admired, and have proved highly interesting to the members of fire departments all over the United States. ARCH, 1896, has been a fiery month, the total fire-waste amounting to $14,839,600 or nearly $600,000 more than in March, 1893 and $4,602,500 more than ini894. The total fire-waste however, for the quarter of a year just expired amounted to $35,609,700, as against $38,495,100 in 1895—a difference of §2,885,400. In the corresponding three months of 1894, the losses by fire aggregated $31,013,100 or $4,596,600 less than in 1896. During the month just closed there were 253 fires of a greater destructiveness than $10,000, classified as follows: $100,000 to §20,000, 96: $20,000 to $30,000, 49; $30,000…

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