Issue 15 and Volume 19.

A NEW LANTERN. This fireman’s lantern, embodying a new principal of supplying necessary air for combustion from a compressed airreservoir at a time when it is needed, will be appreciated by firemen as well as miners. The lantern is constructed so as to be used in the same way as any ordinary lantern, and when it is desired to penetrate dense smoke or gases, the lower draught is entirely shut off and the valve connecting with the compressed-air-reservoir turned on, which furnishes the necessary air for combustion and at the same time gives a brighter light, as the adjusting screen can be changed to suit each lantern. This lantern is especially designed for firemen’s use, where it is necessary to penetrate thick smoke in burning buildings, in cellars, in basements, and in other dark places. It will remain lighted where all other lanterns would be extinguished for want of oxygen,…

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