Issue 21 and Volume 19.

ANDOVER’S PUMPING PLANT. JOHN E. SMITH, superintendent of the water works of Andover, Mass., reports favorably of the tests for capacity and duty of the new pumping engine supplied the plant by the Deane Steam Pump Company, of Holyoke, Mass. The engine is a verticalcompound, condensing fly-wheel engine, with automatic cut-off on the high pressure cylinder and either automatic or variable cut-off on the low pressure cylinder. Between the cylinders is a receiver having a coil of pipe through which live steam from the main steam pipe is constantly circulating, insuring dry steam in the low pressure cylinder. The steam cylinders are jacketed, both heads and barrels. The steam and exhaust-valves, which are of the Corliss type, are carried in the heads, reducing the clearance spaces to a minimum. The valve-gear is driven from one crank pin on the main shaft and so arranged that one motion of the starting…

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