Issue 24 and Volume 19.

SOME OLD FIRE APPARATUS. To the reign of the old fire bucket, the supply of which at fires was of legal obligation in all large cities and towns on this continent as well as in Europe succeeded that of the syringe —a huge, overgrown squirt served by three men, two supporting it and one manipulating the piston, large portable barrels or tanks of water fed by a bucket brigade supplying the requisite charge of from 2 to 4 quarts which was thrown upon the burning building. These, poor as they were, at all events, were an improvement on the methods of ancient Rome, which consisted of leathern bags filled with water and attached to pipes. On squeezing these bags the water was driven through the pipes and thrown upon the fire. And this was more than Babylon and Nineveh, with all their wonders in sculpture and building ever possessed ;…

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