Issue 24 and Volume 19.

MISCELLANEOUS The New York Belting and Packing Company, Ltd., has removed from No. 13 Park Row to No. 25 Park Place and No. 22 Murray street, New York city. The new store is located in the centre of the business district, only two blocks away from the old building, extending entirely through from Park Place to Murray street. The building is spacious, well lighted and systematically arranged. The entrance is on Park Place, the Murray street side being reserved entirely for shipping purposes. The tire department is a prominent feature in the new store, and necessarily so, for, when it is remembered that almost every able-bodied man, woman and child in the country, either rides a bicycle or aims to do so, it is easy to understand that the demand for “ League” tires is urgent. But while the tire department is a special feature, ample space is reserved to…

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