Issue 24 and Volume 19.

EXPLOSIVE LAMP OILS. The petroleum committee is sitting in England under government auspices. At one of its sittings Superintendent Tozer, of the Birmingham fire brigade, in adverting to the fact that 269 fires from the explosion of lamps had occurred there during the last sixteen years, 16 deaths occurring, while 41 persons had been more or less seriously injured thereby, said that he favored lamps with reservoirs of metal or strong ribbed glass, and having a screw burner attachments. In Birmingham there had been cases of fire due to the improper storage of oil; but no fatalities had occurred from petroleum spirit. He thought the flash-point should be raised to at least ioo degrees. Mr. Jarrett, inspector under the explosives acts (Birmingham), stated that in a large number of instances the petroleum was stored under unsuitable circumstances in small living rooms and in ordinary domestic utensils, such as washtubs and…

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