Issue 24 and Volume 19.

WATER SUPPLY The East Jersey Water Company’s supply is still inadequate for the supply of JerseyCity even though the company has recently made a connection with its Newark main at Pompton Notch, the additional pipe starting from the intake at Macopin. The new pipe increases the pressure of the Newark main and adds to the supply delivered to Newark by about 5,000,000 gallons daily, although the East Jersey people say the supply is increased nearly 7,000,000 gallons. The test by which on one day the supply reached 23,500,000 gallons was made on a Sunday, on which day many Newarkers were out of the city and. of course, all the factories, schools, and stores were closed, the same being the case in Jersey City. It is, therefore, only on Sundays that the latter city can enjoy a full supply. In the week, when the consumption of the two cities is regular,…

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