Issue 25 and Volume 19.

ST. CATHARINES, ONT., WATER WORKS. PART II. ST. CATHARINES has at present ample reservoir facilities. The whole extent of the reservoir ground is 100 acres, that of the upper, or storage reservoir is 55 acres with a capacity of 165,000,000 gallons of available supply; that of the lower, or distributing reservoir of 2 acres, capacity, 40,000,000 gallons. The grounds have been tastefully planted with out ornamental trees, which add materially to the attractiveness and beauty of the landscape. The com. missioners have considered it their first duty to manage the waterworks with care and economy and to furnish the citizens with the best possible and the purest water in abundance for domestic and general consumption, as well as an efficient pressure in’ the fire hydrants always ready for use in the extinction of fire. They have likewise thought it part of their work to beautify and adorn the groundssurrounding the…

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