Issue 25 and Volume 19.

MISCELLANEOUS A neat and thoroughly workable chemical extinguisher has been turned out by the Racine, Wis., Fire Engine Company It is mounted on three wheels,equipped with pneumatic tires, and operated by foot power. Its total weight (exclusive of the rider) is only 225 pounds, and its capacity 30 gallons. At the test of the two new, first size Amoskeag steam fire engines recently delivered to Buffalo, N. Y., most perfect all around work, under most practical conditions, was performed, and many present considered it the finest exhibition they ever witnessed. Brookline, Mass , has contracted with the Manchester Locomotive works fora second size Amoskeag steam fire engine. Mr. Frank W. Hatch has recently been appointed general manager of the American Ball Nozzle Company of New York. Owing to the rapid growth of the the business (which“continues to be first class,” and the amount of business Mr. Bishop had to attend…

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