Issue 25 and Volume 19.

MISSOURI STATE FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION For two days Kansas City, Mo., was in charge of the firemen, brought together on June 8, not to fight any threatening conflagration, but to meet in peaceful convention,and transact business that was for the general welfare of the order throughout the State. The eighth annual convention assembled in that city on the morning of June 8, and the entire day was spent by the delegates in business session. The delegates present on that occasion were as follows: Chief Charles Shipps,Carthage; Assistant Chief W.E. Meyers, K. M. Gremlin,Chillicothe; Chief John Hart, James Dennett, Assistant Chief William Boyd, Clinton; James Kennedy, John Dugan, and John Hixman,Clinton V’eteran Association, Chief A. Houghton and Frank Zellars, Jop.in; Assistant Chief William Hossingcr and C. H. Dysart, Moberly; Chief Hubert Hotching, A. Holloway, and I.ouis If. Decker, St. Charles; Assistant Chief E. J. Gross, Thomas Haines, W. If. Marquis, John Finnerty;…

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