Issue 25 and Volume 19.

WATER SUPPLY In a letter to the commissioner of public works, Prof. Charles A.Doremus expresses the belief that the Croton water used in this city is too filthy even for the bathtubs of citizens. The sediment from the water, he says, is dangerous to the health of the city, and he suggests that the filtration systems of Providence, R. I., and Louisville, Ky., be investigated. Chief Engineer Birdsall, on the contrary, says that the water is perfectly harmless to drink, the fact of its being drawn from water that has been stored since last March, which always makes a flat musty taste, gives Professor Doremus occasion to talk. He says the professor is a “crank on filters,” and one who “has recommended to the public several different makes of these appliances.” Engineer Birdsall does not know that there is any mud in the mains; but, whenever these mains get clogged…

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