Issue 27 and Volume 19.

RECENT FIREMEN’S GATHERINGS. The twenty-fourth annual convention of the Minnesota State Firemen’s Association took place at Duluth on June 9, 10, 11, and was well attended. As has been his wont for the last twenty-three years, R. O. Strong, secretary of the association, called the members to order. President Smith being absent, the chair was taken by C. N. La Fond, of Little Falls, the first vice-president. Chief Black, of Duluth welcomed the delegates in the name of his brother firemen in the city, and Mayor Trueisen in behalf of Duluth. Hon. Ray T. Lewis, Mr. E. C. Gridley, and Fire Commissioner McGregor succeeding him in the same pleasing duty. Capt Ran dall, as a member of the G, A. R. and a fire commissioner followed; then Chief Stetson of Minneapolis, who in returning thanks was careful to express how well pleased he was at the hearty welcome afforded the…

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