Issue 27 and Volume 19.

RECENT PATENTS. Ilosestand.—A. Gall, Indianapolis, Ind.—It is an adjustable tripod stand having a sliding device to hold the nozzle of the hose in any position. Fire alarm signal-box—J. J. Ruddick, Newton, Mass. Pneumatic fire alarm.—A. Goldstein, Philadelphia, Pa.—It consists of an air-chamber with inclosed airat normal pressure, a conduit-pipe, and connection between said chamber and pipe, a plunger adapted to disturb the inclosed air, the chamber at the piston-head being hermetically sealed with fusible material, means to move said piston in the chamber, and a device adapted normally to prevent the movement of said plunger. Fire-sxtinguisher nozzle.—j. G. Hagmann, La Crosse, Wis.—It is trough-shaped and has its bottom wall inclined from the end downwards to the central portion, and an inlet in the lower portion thereof, the said nozzle being arranged at an angle to the inlet and having a drain through the lower portion of its front wall. At…

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