Issue 27 and Volume 19.

SEWERAGE Worcester, Mass, will expend $150,000 on its sewers this year in carrying one of the main carriers well into the heart of the city, beginning first with the construction of the collecting chamber at Cambridge street and then proceed ing with the west main carrier. According to the new plans for the sewerage of Jamaica (L. L), N. Y., all trouble with the Brooklyn water works will now be avoided. The Bergen farm, consisting of sixty-five miles of land at Bergen Landing, near the bay, and two and a half miles south of the village has been offered for the purpose of a filter-bed and it is proposed to convey the sewage to this point by a large main extending through South street, Rockaway road, and Lincoln avenue to the disposal works. Auburn. N. Y., is about to build eight different sewers. The southwestern portion Of New Britain, Conn.,…

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