Issue 27 and Volume 19.

A NEW RACING HOSE CART. We illustrate on this page a new racing hose cart designed and built by the American Fire Engine Company, of Seneca Falls, N. Y., and Cincinnati. O. The novelty of this cart consists in its being supplied with a ball-bearing axle. This produces a very easy running vehicle, a feature especially desired in racing. The frame is made of tubing, with steel fittings, the method of construction being covered by patents owned by the American Fire Engine Company. The wheels used are of the celebrated bicycle pattern, combining lightness with strength. The reel is fitted with a large wooden drum, and the small amount of hose used in coupling contests can be wound on readily. This drum is removable, so that the-cart can also be used for service when desired. The cart presents a very attractive appearance, and is furnished complete with drag-rope, tournament-pipe with…

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