Issue 27 and Volume 19.

MISCELLANEOUS Following is an extract from a letter addressed by Chief Hale of Kansas City to the Vajen-Bader Company of Indianapolis: ‘‘On May 15, 1896, a carboy of nitric acid was broken accidentally in the office of the Kansas City Evening Star, thereby setting fire to the building. The fumes of the acid made the condition such that human life could not exist, William Brown, the colored porter, having lost his life from said fumes. On the arrival of the fire department, it was impossible to enter the building, until I ordered one of the firemen to put on the “Bader Helmet,” after which he entered the building and carried out the carboy, thereby enabling his comrades to enter with a chemical engine stream and put the fire out in a few minutes.” The township of Kearny, N.J., has ordered a hose wagon of the Gleason and Bailey Manufacturing Company.…

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