Issue 27 and Volume 19.

THE MAKING OF CAST IRON PIPE. [Continued from p. 306.] THE mazes of these pipes through the streets of the cities of Babylon, Rome, Pompeii, and many others bewilder the archeologist and the student who attempts to follow his interesting recitais. In all these cities the trail of the water pipes leads to the vertificatlon of old story and the unfolding of new, as thousands of tons of pipes are unearthed in the explorations. The Roman baths are most notable, especially those of Caracalla, A. D, 217. and Diocletian, A. D. 295, with their intricate network of pipes supplying cold water, hot water, and tepid water through separate systems, mostly of lead, some of wood, and a few of earthenware. It will be interesting to look at the figures from the standpoint of the water registrar of the day. The capacity of the Diocletian system, for instance,was equal to the…

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