Issue 2 and Volume 20.

SOME MASSACHUSETTS FIRE NOTES. [From an Occasional Correapondent.] At Lynn, fire damaged the wooden building at No. 67 Willow street occupied as a shoe supply by G. F. Fox & Company. Loss on stock and machinery. $2,000; on building, $1,000; fully insured.—J. A. Sullivan’s storehouse at Northampton, in rear of New Haven freight depot burned,with contents, Loss on building, $1,500; on stock (estimated) $4,000. —The firemen of Boston not only objected to being compelled to deal atone place for their outfit, but also complain bitterly of the disagreeable effects of the black shirts which are now of obligation.—The Eagle Firemen’s Association has been organized by the Veteran firemen of I.ynn,—In the ” play-out ’ between the Boston and Roxbury Veteran Firemen’s Association on Boston Common on July 4, the Boston men proved the victors, winning by 8 feet and t inch. They used a 6-inch Hunneman machine that was built…

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