Issue 2 and Volume 20.

FIRE LOSSES FOR 1895. During the year 1895 the fire-losses in the United States reached the enormous total of $142,110,233—an excess of $2,000,000 over the figures of 1894, and, with the exception of 1891, 1892, and 1893, greater than the loss of any year since 1875. In 1893, the fire-loss amounted to upwards of $167,500,000 worth of property, the largest of any of the preceding eighteen years. On the loss of 1895 the insurance aggregated $84,689,030—about 64 per cent. Of the 38,000 fires in the past year, the great majority, 22,711, took place in dwelling houses, and,so far as can be definitely ascertained, were the result of defective flues, explosions and incendiarism. Lightning caused 839, and spontaneous combustion, 521; and, although the use of electricity for lighting purposes increased greatly during 1895, it is satisfactory to notice that the number of fires, 338, traceable to that source was 48 less…

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