Issue 3 and Volume 20.

A FIERY WEEK. JULY is generally a fiery month; this year it is more than keeping up its reputation—during the past week it has gone ahead of it. The number of ordinary fires has been large, while that of fires where the loss amounted to more than $10,000 has been equally large; that of fires going above the $100,000 mark being excessive. Among the latter class are those of the conflagration at Nashville, Tenn., where a large business block was wiped out, with a loss of something like $750,000; the burning of Lieber’s brewery at Indianapolis, loss, $500,000; the destruction of the Merchants’ Terminal Company’s elevator at St. Louis, loss, $500,000; a$25o,ooo lossat San Luis Obispo, Col.; the church of the Visitation, Brooklyn, §150; the wharf and storage warthouse of the Morgan Line at Galveston, Tex., the second loss of the kind in a week, $150,000; the plant of the…

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