Issue 3 and Volume 20.

WELLS A tract of land containing 200 acres has been bought by the water commissioners of Norfolk, Va., as a site for the gangwell system at a cost of $12,000. Twenty-four wells will be driven at a distance of 100 feet apart, with 2-inch well tubing. The supply of water will thus be increased to 10,000,000 gallons daily. For the use of Berkeley. Cal.,two new artesian wells ‘have been bo_____ed in Wildcat Canyon by the Alameda Water Company. One gives a flow of 97,000 gallons a day and the other 87,000. Nine wells will be bored. The two new ones will enable the Alameda Water Company to supplyall of Berkeley with water. At University, Miss., an artesian well supplying 50,000 gallons of water a day has been bored on the university campus. The temperature is 62.6 degrees F’ahrenheit.

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