Issue 3 and Volume 20.

NASHVILLE, TENN., WATER DEPARTMENT. From the report for 1895 of the water department of Nashville, Tenn., George Reyer, superintendent, it is gathered that 4,689.126,648 gallons of water were pumped—daily average, 12,846,920; 1,925 meters, and 6,215 taps are in use. The source is the Cumberland river system ; pumping to reservoir (capacity, 50,000.000 gallons); Worthington and Holly pumping engines; daily capacity, 30,000,000 gallons. The meters are of the Hersey,Thomson, Worthington,Crown, and a few of other makes. The pressure from 20 to too pounds. Waterworks, owned by the city, cost to construct, $1,500,000.

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