Issue 4 and Volume 20.

WELLS An artesian well at Piedmont W. Va., is beyond control. When the drill reached a depth of forty feet it struck a stream of water which flew to the top of the derrick and has been flowing constantly since. A 5 1-2-inch pipe was put down and an effort made to control the flow of water, but without success. The water continues to rush out of the top of the pipe. It is very clear and cold, and, if the present flow continues, is in sufficient quantity, with proper reservoir, to supply all the people of Westernport. It has not been decided yet what disposition will be made of the water, which at present seriously endangers the foundations of some new buildings. Rockville, D. C., is about to have an artesian well sunk, whose site will be in the eastern section of the town. Its depth will be from…

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