Issue 5 and Volume 20.

WELLS At Braintree, Mass., deliberations are going on as to what the town will do in regard to taking water from wells recently driven near the pumping station. The New York Hydraulic Construction Company has been testing for water the past month. A spring that will supply about 100,000,000 gallons per day has been struck, and it is said that the water commissioners will recommend the finishing of the work of driving the wells, arid will pump from them, as it would be better to the consumers than to go to the Great pond for the supply. Many citizens of Brockton,Mass., claim to have lost the use of wells on account of the introduction of the new sewerage system. Elizabeth Battles is one claimant. Her well, she insists, is dried up. On investigation it was found to be cniy 12 feet, 7 inches from the surface of the ground to…

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