Issue 5 and Volume 20.

COMMON SENSE NOZZLE. The Combination Ladder Company, and Rhode Island Coupling Company, of Providence, R. I., have constantly branched out and pushed forward their specialties in the fire department line, until to-day they are one of the most widely known and progressive houses in the country in this business. The introduction of the new Baker cellar-pipe at last year’s convention was an immediate success.and since then has been acknowledged to be one of the most popular inventions for fire-extinguishing beneath floors ever known. This year, this company is eclipsing all former records in the production of a new nozzle entitled the “ Common Sense” nozzle. It is simply a wonder, performing as it does its chief duties with remarkable effect. It has two barrels, parallel with each other, one barrel fitted with the “ Niagara Spray Tip,” about which so much has been heard the past season. The peculiar value…

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