Issue 5 and Volume 20.

SOME MASSACHUSETTS FIRE NOTES. [From an Occasional Correspondent.] A Somerville fire in the “Big Bottom” district destroyed three wooden sheds and two barns, causing a loss of $3 000; fully insured.—At a recent meeting of the common council of Boston, the opponents of Fire Commissioner Russell, who have for some time been clamoring for his dismissal, renewed their attack. An order to investigate the fire commissioner’s methods, those of the fire department and the fire alarm service and their workings was passed without a division.— At Lawrence on July 24, Draper Hall, of Abbott Female Academy, was badly d_____maged by fire. The chief loss sustained was in the hospital and the drawing rooms. The fire department was forced to flood the building with water It will take $15,000 to repair the damage done.—At Wakefield Rogers & Ferguson’s large two-story frame glove and shirt factory burned by an early morning supposed…

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