Issue 5 and Volume 20.

EVANSVILLE. IND., FIRE DEPARTMENT. During the year ending March 31, 1896, the fire department of Evansville, Ind., of which William Schlaviell is chief engi. neer, was called out 195 times. The amount of insurance on property attacked was $308,695; of loss, $31,731.20. The manual force of the department, which is paid full time, consists of 61 men in all as follows: 1 chief engineer; 1 assistant engineer; 1 superintendent of fire alarm telegraph (Gamewell); 12 captains; the balance, drivers, pipemen engineers, etc. These are housed in q houses, and are supplied with 2 {rucks (one aerial), 5 steam, and 2 chemical engines (1 steamer in reserve), 5 hose wagons, 4 hose reels, 2 buggies, 1 sawdust wagon, 1 coal wagon, and 10,000 feet of 2 1-2 inch cotton hose. The aerial truck has an 80-foot extension ladder 161 feet ladders. 1 pompier outfit, life lines (gun e;c ), 1 wire…

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