Issue 6 and Volume 20.

DEFECTIVE WATER SUPPLY AT SAVANNAH, GA. The recent fire at the Planters’ Rice Mill. Savannah, Ga., has renewed the outcry against the deficiency of water supply at Savannah, Ga., and given rise to some criticism also, on the part of the insurance companies of the city, and outside as to the methods of the fire department. The chief daily paper in Savannah thus writes on the subject: “ The department had considerable trouble in getting water from the start. Out of eight or ten streams,only two or three of them were effective, the others not extending ten feet beyond the mouth of the hose. This was a serious difficulty, and one which the department had to contend with from the start. It was first thought that the fire would be confined to the mill property; and this would have been the case no doubt, had it not been for the…

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