Issue 6 and Volume 20.

SUPERINTENDENT SMITH’S TRIAL. J. Elliott Smith, superintendent of telegraph and electrical appliances of the fire department, is still of trial before the fire commissioners on charges of fraud and incompetency. As witnesss John J. Carty of 35 Mount Morris avenue said he had been an electrical engineer for sixteen years.and that since 1889 he has held the position of engineer of the New York Telephone Company. Mr. Carty described in detail the separate parts of the “Gamewell” alarm box now in use by the New York fire department, and defined their objects and distinct functions. In response to a direct question, the witness said that the “ Gamewell ” box now in use did not contain within itself the elements which the present state of perfection in the art of fire alarm box manufacturing requires. The witness illustrated his statement by detailing several differences which he said existed between the…

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