Issue 6 and Volume 20.

AGAIN NEW YORK’S WATER SUPPLY. The following statement as to the water supply of New York has recently been given out by Mr.Charles Sewall,chairman of the water supply committee of the New York board of fire underwriters. “Inconnection with the statement recently given out by the commissioner of public works, that ‘never before has the city’s water supply been so ample ‘ and also ‘ that there is now on hand in the reservoirs 3,000,000,000 gallons,’ it should be stated that the ample supply is due to the excessive rains of this year, especially during the months of February and March, which are the months relied upon to fill the reservoirs, and the months of June and July, which are months of great evaporation, and absorption of rainfall by the earth. “The rainfall during February and March, this year, amounted to about 12 inches, while that for the corresponding months…

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