Issue 6 and Volume 20.

WATER SUPPLY Charles E. A. Jacobsen has been appointed engineer of the Passaic Sewerage Commission, and Alphonse Fteley consulting engineer by the State. The commission has been appointed to examine into the nature of the Passaic river, the water of which has become offensively foul from Paterson down to Newark Bay. The commissioners are W. T. Hunt and Dr. H. C. H. Herold, of Newark, and Dr.E. J. Marsh, of Paterson, N. J. The civil engineers employed by the city of Elizabeth,N. J., to devise a plan to carry the sewage to the Sound.instead ol by the open bed ot the Elizabeth river, reported to the city council that the sewage could be carried to the Staten Island sound( tidewater ‘(through a specially constructed sewer, which would have to cross under the Elizabeth river,at a cost of $125,000. The street and water board of Jersey City, has positively (?) adopted…

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