Issue 6 and Volume 20.

PRINCIPAL FIRES OF THE WEEK NOTE—The letter Irepresents insurance, and L, Loss, Numerals thousands of dollars. N. B.—The week begins with midnight of the previous Wednesday and ends with midnight of the Wednesday succeeding. EXHIBITION BUILDING, Montreal, Que.; L, 150. I, 100. MINING PLALT, Hymera, Ind; L, 5. FACTORY, Barton Landing, Vt., E. L. Chandler’s; L, 19. I, 17. HOUSES, I.awreneeburg, Ky.; L, 10. MILL, Lowell, Mass , Livingston’s; L, 10. OPERA HOUSE, ETC., Crass Valley, Cal., Argali’s; L, 150. FACTORY, Newark, N.J., Maas& Waldstein; L; 10. 1, 10. MILL, Olivia, Minn.; Kubesh & Braum’s; L, 10; I, 8, BUSINESS, Mitchell. S. I)., Champeny Bros.; L, 45. I, 42. SltlPY ARD, Philadelphia, Cramp’s; L 40. I, 40. TOWN, Kunkle, O.j L, 28. 1, nil. STEAMSHIP. Colombia river, Messenger; 1„ 20. FACTORY, Newark, N. J., Wolf & Bellingham’s: 1., to. I. 5. COURT HOUSR. Grand, Okla.; L, 15; I. nil. BUSINESS,…

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