Issue 7 and Volume 20.

SEWAGE PURIFICATION PLANT, BROOKLYN, N. Y. A SEWAGE purification building, practically the terminal point of the sewage system of the Twenty sixth ward of Brooklyn, is being built between the New Lots road and Jamaica Bay, in the block bounded by Fairfield and Vandalia avenues and Van Sicklen and Hendrix avenues. The interior of this structure, which is rotunda-shaped, is 140 feet in diameter, with its apex rising 75 feet above highwater mark. The brick shaft rises 115 feet above the same point; its base is 10 feet 3 inches in diameter; but the shaft itself varies from 9 feet 2 inches at the base to 7 feet 2 inches at the top. Inside the rotunda (the illustration of which appeared in the New York Tribune and is reproduced in our columns) and beneath it there are two great chambers, where the ”sludge’’ will be separated from the water by…

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