Issue 7 and Volume 20.

RECENT PATENTS. Nozzle.—A. J. Knight, Boston, Mass.—The nozzle has self closing means. Filter—J. F. Ziegler, Toledo, O.—It consists of a rectangular casing having a dividing wheel and a series of filtering blocks arranged in said casing. Steam trap—R. M. Dixon, East Orange, N. J. Bath apparatus—M. J. Lyons, Duluth, Minn.—It consists of a pipe having a yoke-shaped discharge portion. Cover for hydrants.—J. W. Moody, Buffalo, N. Y.—It consists of a double cover for the well-known street hydrants or plugs to prevent freezing of the water. Hydraulic motor.—J. I. Newburg, Vicksburg, Miss.—It consists of a float having a central propellorand operating devices. Electrical fire alarm system.—C. T. Tisdale. Boston,Mass.

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