Issue 7 and Volume 20.

SEWERAGE Up to July 1, there have been laid at Binghamton, N. Y., about 28 47-100 miles of sewers, of which 7 13-100 miles are of brick and 21 34-100 are of vitrified pipe. The complete cost of the sewers has been $424,902.97. The total saved to the city by the engineer since the sewers have been built under his direction instead of being done by contracts is $1,758.57. Higher wages have likewise been paid to the workmen. The contracts for a sewer in Chester avenue, Newark. N.J., has come upon a layer of natural concrete composed of sandstone pebbles, bound firmly by a sort of crystallized silicate, four feet thick. The whole mass had theappearance of being a concrete bed that had been laid and covered with another four feet of each after it had become firm. The theory is advanced that the gravel, much of which has been…

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